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Aalund, James D.*

Abbate, Richard * 

Abene, Charles*

Abey, George Wayne*

Abrahamson, Gary*

Abshire, Richard*

Abshire, William*

Achterhoff, James Patrick*

Ackerman, John*

Ackerman, Leonard*

Acosta, John

Acton, Tom Perry-

Adam, John Quincy*

Adamoli, Rowland Joseph*

Adams, Kenney Milton Jr. *

Adams, Ronald*

Adams, Roger Dean*

Adams, Lee Chester-

Adamski, Dennis*

Adcox, Ronnie Darnell*

Addington, Royce Lee*

Adolf, Larry Eugene* [2*]

Aerts, David*

Aeschliman, David*

Agnew, Jim*

Aguon, Jose Quinata*

Ahern, Raymond Joseph Jr.*

Ahlberg, Thomas Oliver*

Ahlmeyer, Heinz, Jr.*

Ahlum, William J.*

Ailes, William*

Aili, David*

Alakulppi, Juhani Vesa * [2*]

Albertson, Ronald Dale* [2]*

Alderman, Andrew A.*

Aldous, Lilo E.*

Aldred, James Vincent*

Alert, Robert*

Aleshire, Kenneth Edward*

Alewine, Lemuel*

Alexander, Eleanor Grace*

Alexander, James Hines*

Alfred, Ge orge Sapp*

Alford, Terry Lanier*

Alford Jr., George Allen*

Allbright, Harrison*

Allen, Dale Charles  *

Allen, Eddie Hugh*

Allen, Keith Wesley*

Allen, Thomas Ray*

Allen, William Terry*

Alley, Douglas Dwight*

Allison, Sam Stephen*

Alloway, Clyde-

Allport, James*

Alvarez, Robert*

Alverson, Robert Jr.*

Amador, Raynald*

Anders, Robert*

Anderson, David Bruce*

Anderson, James Dwight*

Anderson, James H. *

Anderson, Mitchell Lester*

Andreozzi, Victor*

Andrews, Larry*

Andrews, William Albert*

Anello, Bruce Francis*

Angerstein, Michael*

Anglim, Adrian James*

Angstadt, Ralph Harold*

Annis, Thomas Richard*

Antonelly, Charles J.*

Antunano, Gregory* [2*]

Applegate, Newell F.*

Aragon, Jose Ruben*

Arbogast, Carl*

Archbold, John Christopher*

Archer, Sanford Kim*

Archuletta Ray*

Arendes, Annie

Argenti, Robert*

Armstrong, James Leonard*

Arnold, Richard Earl*

Arnold, Robert Joseph*

Arnwine, Edward*

Aronhalt, Charles E.*

Arrants, Michael Lorrell*

Arrowood, James Oscar*

Arvin, Carl*

Ashall, Alan*

Ashlock, Carlos*

Ast, Steven V.

Atkucanas, Edward M.*

Atterberry, Edwin L. II*

Audilet, Franklin D.*

Aue, Otto*

Auen, David*

Augustor, Xavier*

Austin, Glen F.*

Austin, Tom Lew*

Autrey, James Harold*

Avery, Allen*

Avila, Juan Jr.*

Ayers, Charles David*

Ayers, James Henry*

Ayres, Gerald Francis* [2-]

Ayers, Lesley Steven*

Aylworth, Randal*