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Caceres, Edgardo*

Cadell, Ernest Woody -p

Cahela, Gerald Alan*

Cahill, Dan*

Caldwell, Donald Patrick*

Calfee, James Henry*

Calkins, Cody   *

Callahan, Charles Lawrence -l

Callaway, Lewis*

Callaway, Michael  *

Callister, Arthur*

Camden, Francis Edward Jr.*

Cameron, James*

Camp, Jack*

Campbell, Carlin Martin*

Campbell, Jack Edwin*

Campbell, Keith Allen -l

Campbell, Steve Daniel*

Cantrell, Jerry Dale*

Cantu, Refugio Jose*

Cappelli, Charles E. -l

Caraway, Thomas*

Cardenas, Ramiro* [2-]

Carey, James*

Carinci, Joseph Anthony*

Carlin, James Cook*

Carpenter, Fred W.*

Carpenter, Raymond Earl*

Carraturo, Fred*

Carrillo, Arnoldo*

Carroll, Douglas*

Carroll, Joseph Kenneth*

Carrico, Chester Calvin*

Carruthers, Edward Anthony*

Carson, John*

Carstens, Thomas*

Carter, Harold*

Carter, John E. Jr.*

Carter, George*

Carter, Luna*

Carter, Richard Albert*

Cartwright, James*

Case, T.F.  *

Casey, Dennis Lee*

Casey, George*

Cash, Benny Dale*

Casias, Henry Eloy*

Casino, Joseph Walter* [2*]

Castaneda, Hugo Carlos*

Casto, Clarence*

Caston, James Calvin*

Cavanaugh, Edward Joseph*

Cavanaugh, Thomas James*

Cavazos, Reynaldo* [2*]

Cavender, Jim R.  *

Cavis, David

Cavis, Frank*

Cerna, Narciso Reza Jr.*

Chacon, David Andrew*

Chadwick, Leon Gordon  III-

Chambers, Robert O. -p

Chambers, Thomas*

Chapman, Charles*

Chapman, Larry Lee*

Chasteen, Roger*

Chavez, John Manuel*

Cheadle, Harold Lee, Jr.*

Chemis, Charles Robert*

Cheney, Daniel Bernard* [2*]

Chepely, Gene E.*

Chervony, Eddie E. *

Cheshire, Allen D.*

Chifos, William*

Childres, George W.*

Christian, Bruce Calvin*

Christian, David Marion*

Christian, Robert Malcom Jr*

Christian, Vernon Jr.*

Christie, Zane*

Christman, William*

Christy, Richard Neil*

Chubb, John J.*

Church, Ralph Lee*

Chuter, John*

Chutis, John Vincent*

Claflin, Richard* [2*]

Clafin, Richard*

Claggett, John Allen *

Clapp, Gary Lynn*

Clark, Joseph Thaxter*

Clark, Richard Garland*

Clark, Roger*

Clark, Ronnie Lee*

Clark, William S. *

Claspill, Larry*

Clause, Michael Allen*

Clay, Christopher E.-e

Clayton, Bennie Clifford*

Clayton, Michael Marshall*

Clearwaters, Christopher *

Cleary, Peter McAurthur*

Cleve, Reginald David*

Clifton, Layne*

Clifton, Terry Walker*

Cline, Curtis*

Clinton, Dean*

Clough, Arthur Edward*

Clover, Lionel Timothy*

Cobb, Milford* [2*]

Cockrell, James W.*

Cody, Howard Rudolph*

Coggins, Terry*

Coker, Ronald*

Colantuono, Albert Wayne*

Colbert, John Wayne*

Cole, Jerry*

Cole, Marvin Eugene*

Coleman, Gary T.* [2*] [3*]

Coleman, James Larry*

Coleman, Jimmy Lee*

Coleman, Lynn Bailey *

Coleman, Phillip Rodney*

Colfack, Lloyd Arthur*

Collins, Billy G.*

Collins, David*

Collins, Elzie J.*

Colpen-Watt, William Roy*

Colton, Michael Norris*

Combest, Jerry Wayne*

Combs, Lee Roy*

Comeaux, Joseph*

Comer, William Marvin Jr.*

Conchola, Benito -p

Condit, Douglas Craig*

Conklin, Thomas*

Conley, Green*

Connell, James Joseph *

Connors, Jack*

Conrady, Michael Joseph*

Conry, John*

Consavage, Ralph Edward*

Conway, James Thaddeus*

Cook, Charles Jr.*

Cook, Curtis*

Cook, Delfin Hilario

Cook, James John*

Cook, Joel L.*

Cook, John Ivy*

Cook, Nathaniel*

Cook, Robert*

Coombs, Dan L. *

Coonrod, Arnold Lee*

Corbiere, Austin Morris*

Corcoran, Bruce*

Corlett, Gerald Ernest*

Corrello, Scott*

Cosson, Wilbur Lynn -l

Costello, Lawrence R.*

Costly, Larry*

Coulombe, Francis Joseph*

Courtney, Ronnie* [2*]

Cowley, Jeffrey*

Cox, Ommie Truman Jr.*

Crabtree, James Otis*

Craft, Harlan*

Craft, James Adolph*

Craig, Jimmy Leon*

Crandell, James Lee*

Cravens, Danny Carol -p

Crawford, William Lloyd*

Crawford, William Thomas*

Crescenz, Michael Joseph -l

Crew, Carl*

Crody, Kenneth Lloyd*

Cromie, Michael*

Crook, Oren Lee*

Crow, James Dennis*

Crowder, Hylan Lynn*

Crowley, Ralph*

Croy, John Lee  *

Crum, Robert H. Jr*

Cruz, Richard Perez*

Cubbage, Clifton*

Culp, Thomas Dale*

Cumberpatch, James*

Cumiskey, James Lee*

Cunningham, Jerry Max*

Cunningham, Wells Eldon*

Curran, John Dehaas*

Curtis, Herber Ray*

Curtis, Joseph Paul*

Cutshall, David Warren*

Cutler, James*

Cutter, William Scott*

Cyr, Ransom Craig*