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Caceres, Edgardo

Cadell, Ernest Woody

Cahela, Gerald Alan

Cahill, Dan

Caldwell, Donald Patrick*

Calfee, James Henry

Calkins, Cody  

Callahan, Charles Lawrence

Callaway, Lewis

Callaway, Michael 

Callister, Arthur

Camden, Francis Edward Jr.*

Cameron, James

Camp, Jack

Campbell, Carlin Martin

Campbell, Jack Edwin*

Campbell, Keith Allen

Campbell, Steve Daniel

Cantrell, Jerry Dale

Cantu, Refugio Jose 

Cappelli, Charles E.

Caraway, Thomas

Cardenas, Ramiro [2]

Carey, James

Carinci, Joseph Anthony

Carlin, James Cook

Carpenter, Fred W.

Carpenter, Raymond Earl

Carraturo, Fred

Carrillo, Arnoldo

Carroll, Douglas

Carroll, Joseph Kenneth*

Carrico, Chester Calvin

Carruthers, Edward Anthony

Carson, John

Carstens, Thomas*

Carter, Harold

Carter, John E. Jr.

Carter, George

Carter, Luna

Carter, Richard Albert

Cartwright, James

Case, T.F.  

Case, Winnie

Casey, Dennis Lee

Casey, George

Cash, Benny Dale

Casias, Henry Eloy

Casino, Joseph Walter [2]

Castaneda, Hugo Carlos

Casto, Clarence*

Caston, James Calvin

Cavanaugh, Edward Joseph

Cavanaugh, Thomas James

Cavazos, Reynaldo [2]

Cavender, Jim R.  

Cavis, Daivd

Cavis, Frank

Cerna, Narciso Reza Jr.

Chacon, David Andrew

Chadwick, Leon Gordon  III

Chambers, Robert O.

Chambers, Thomas

Chapman, Charles

Chapman, Larry Lee

Chasteen, Roger

Chavez, John Manuel

Cheadle, Harold Lee, Jr.

Chemis, Charles Robert*

Cheney, Daniel Bernard [2]

Chepely, Gene E.

Chervony, Eddie E. 

Cheshire, Allen D.

Chifos, William

Childres, George W.

Christian, Bruce Calvin

Christian, David Marion

Christian, Robert Malcom Jr

Christian, Vernon Jr.*

Christie, Zane

Christman, William*

Christy, Richard Neil

Chubb, John J.

Church, Ralph Lee

Chuter, John

Chutis, John Vincent

Claflin, Richard [2]

Clafin, Richard

Claggett, John Allen 

Clapp, Gary Lynn

Clark, Joseph Thaxter

Clark, Richard Garland

Clark, Roger

Clark, Ronnie Lee

Clark, William S. 

Claspill, Larry

Clause, Michael Allen

Clay, Christopher E.

Clayton, Bennie Clifford

Clayton, Michael Marshall

Clearwaters, Christopher   

Cleary, Peter McAurthur

Cleve, Reginald David

Clifton, Layne

Clifton, Terry Walker

Cline, Curtis

Clinton, Dean

Clough, Arthur Edward

Clover, Lionel Timothy

Cobb, Milford* [2*]

Cockrell, James W.

Cody, Howard Rudolph

Coggins, Terry

Coker, Ronald

Colantuono, Albert Wayne

Colbert, John Wayne

Cole, Jerry

Cole, Marvin Eugene*

Coleman, Gary T. [2] [3*]

Coleman, James Larry

Coleman, Jimmy Lee

Coleman, Lynn Bailey 

Coleman, Phillip Rodney [2]

Colfack, Lloyd Arthur

Collins, Billy G.

Collins, David

Collins, Elzie J.

Colpen-Watt, William Roy

Colton, Michael Norris*

Combest, Jerry Wayne

Combs, Lee Roy*

Comeaux, Joseph

Comer, William Marvin Jr.

Conchola, Benito

Condit, Douglas Craig

Conklin, Thomas*

Conley, Green

Connell, James Joseph

Connors, Jack

Conrady, Michael Joseph*

Conry, John

Consavage, Ralph Edward

Conway, James Thaddeus*

Cook, Charles Jr.

Cook, Charles, Jr.

Cook, Curtis

Cook, Delfin Hilario

Cook, James John

Cook, Joel L.

Cook, John Ivy

Cook, Nathaniel

Cook, Robert*

Coombs, Dan L. 

Coonrod, Arnold Lee*

Corbiere, Austin Morris

Corcoran, Bruce*

Corlett, Gerald Ernest*

Corrello, Scott*

Cosson, Wilbur Lynn

Costello, Lawrence R.

Costly, Larry

Coulombe, Francis Joseph*

Courtney, Ronnie* [2*]

Cowley, Jeffrey

Cox, Ommie Truman Jr.

Crabtree, James Otis*

Craft, Harlan

Craft, James Adloph

Craig, Jimmy Leon*

Crandell, James Lee

Cravens, Danny Carol

Crawford, William Lloyd*

Crawford, William Thomas*

Crescenz, Michael Joseph

Crew, Carl*

Crody, Kenneth Lloyd

Cromie, Michael

Crook, Oren Lee

Crow, James Dennis

Crowder, Hylan Lynn  

Crowley, Ralph

Croy, John Lee  

Crum, Robert H. Jr

Cruz, Richard Perez

Cubbage, Clifton

Culp, Thomas Dale

Cumberpatch, James

Cumiskey, James Lee*

Cunningham, Jerry Max

Cunningham, Wells Eldon

Curran, John Dehaas

Curtis, Herber Ray

Curtis, Joseph Paul*

Cutshall, David Warren

Cutler, James

Cutter, William Scott

Cyr, Ransom Craig