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Oakes, Jack Wayne*

Oakes, Paul Laverne Jr.*

Oaks, Robery Larry* [2*]

Oatman, Leo Clark*

O'Brien, Clyde*

O'Brien, Frank Anthony, III-

O'Brien, John Joseph* [2*] [3*]

O'Brien, Michael M.  *

O'Brien, William Joseph*

O'Callaghan, Brian J.* [2*]

O'Callaghan, Maurice J.*

O'Connor, Dennis Alfred*

O'Connor, Dennis Kenneth*

O'Dea, Thomas F*

Odegard, Dell Coleman* [2*]

Odle, John Charles* [2*]

O'Donnell, Michael Davis*

O'Farrell, John   *

Ogami, Terry Y.*

Ojeda, Joe B*

O'Laughlin, Daniel Thomas-

Olive, Milton Lee III-

Oliver, Charles E.*

Oliver, Robert Lynn*

Olmstead, Stanley*

Olson, Gerald *

Olson, Robert Charles  Jr.*

Oman, Richard*

O'Melia, Dennis William*

Ommen, Peter*

O'Nan, Jerry*

O'Neil, Daniel*

O'Neil, Riley Charles Jr.-

O'Neil, Vaugn Thomas-

Oreto, Joseph Anthony*

Orn, Dean Russell*
Orvis, Douglas Gordon*

Osborn, Robert James*

Osborne, Charles*

Osborne, David William*

Osuna, Antonio*

O'Toole, George Patrick Jr.-

Ott, Alan Robert*

Ouillette, Thomas Robert

Overstreet, Willie Jr.*

Overweg, George Allen*

Overweg, Roger Dale*

Ovist, David Emanuel*

Ozbun, James D. *

Ozger, Islam*